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The Vegetarian Option Book

The Vegetarian Option Book

Simon hopkinson’s new vegetarian cookbook. Vegetarian meals should not be an alternative to the main meals, they should be main meals themselves! This revolutionary new cookbook looks at vegetarian meals from the ground up, with the full focus on making vegetarian meals just as exciting as a big roast joint of meat or a succulent red lobster.

The key to vegetarian cooking is always the freshness of ingredients. Unlike meats which don’t seem to be too affected by the freezing process. Vegetables should be eaten as fresh as possible on the day of picking where possible. The second rule of vegetarian cooking is always to try and eat seasonal ingredients, so in winter eat winter vegetables and in summer take advantage of natures bounty with great summer fruits, fat tomatoes and juicy strawberries and more!

Simon hopkinson comes up with some great ideas to make excellent vegetarian pastas, rice dishes, vegetarian meals with herbs, and vedgy meals including eggs and dairy products. This highly original book sets a new standard for vegetarian cookbooks and should be a bought immediately from if you are a keen vegetable lover – whether you are vegetarian or not!

The Vegetarian OptionThe Vegetarian Option Book

vegetarian option book