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Sarah Ravens Garden Cookbook

Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook -Learn how to cook delicious recipes from straight from the garden with the help of expert chef sarah raven. Recipes from garden vegetables are abundant in this cookbook, using seasonal, local and renewable resources to make tasty meals. If you love growing your own vegetables and you want to cook meals with them, then this is the book for you! Cook with your own grown vegetables with these easy to follow healthy eating recipes.

This is a great cookbook for gardeners and a excellent resource of gardening enthusiasts who like to own their own produce. As you would expect, this book is full of recipes for growing herbs, salads, veg, fruit and root vegetables such as potatoes, garlic and onions.

This is not a vegetarian cookbook, it is a book for gardeners who want to cook using their own produce. So if you don’t have a garden this probably isn’t the book for you. Overall this is an excellent healthy eating book for any rural family who want to get the most out of their land.

Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook

sarah ravens garden cookbook