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Simon Rimmer Cook Books

Simon Rimmer is the well known sunday morning chef who cooks up a storm on Something for the Weekend. Simon rimmer is also associated with several other projects including the cookery website and programmes including “Getting into Tesco” where he was the mentor for amateur food retailers.

Simon Rimmer is a vegetable enthusiast. His menu at the multi-award winning “Greens” is fully vegetarian and takes advantage of the freshest local produce in the Manchester area.

Simon Rimmers Cook Books:

The Accidental (2004)
The Rebel Cook (2006)
Lazy Brunch (co-written with Tim Lovejoy) – 2008
The Seasoned Vegetarian – 2009

Simon Rimmer is a well educated chef with a fashion and textile degree and a successful reputation for opening pioneering restaurants. Simon Rimmer is a avid supporter of Liverpool FC and has specialist mastermind knowledge of Tranmere rovers.