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James Martin Cook Books

James Martin is one of the UK’s most popular TV chefs. His charasmatic and likeable presentation style has made him somewhat of a sex symbol amongst female cooks across the nation. Despite James Martin’s high profile on Saturday Kitchen, he has only released several tv shows and dvds and has had a limited sponsorhip career.

James Martin is a cook who loves the basics, and perhaps it’s fair to say his cookbook meals focus wholey on flavour with almost no regard for nutrition in terms of the amount of butter, sugar and cream in the majority of his recipes.

James Martin’s books are heavily inspired by his Yorkshire roots, where he specialises in simple, homecooked recipes involving traditional methods of cooking. James Martin has made appearances on numerous cookery shows including presenting his own show named James Martin: Yorkshire’s Finest in 1996. Perhaps the most pivotal moments in James Martin’s career was during his appeareances on Ready, Steady Cook where is natural creative flair, unflappable attitude and shear culinary genius shone through.

James Martin also currently holds the world record for carrott chopping in which he peeled and chopped just over 500g of carrots in under one minute!

You can also buy James Martin appliances and cookware in many cookery stockists.