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Heston Blumenthal Cook Books

Heston Blumenthal, raised in Buckinghamshire, is a well reknowned Chef, famous for his award winning three-Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck. He has accomplished various great feasts, with themes such as: Victorian, Medieval and Tudor. Heston really brings the food to life, encouraging the use of all our senses and keeping his guests in anticipation to what will happen with the next course.

Heston Blumenthal is a progressive 3-star michelin chef who is well known for his perfectionist culinary gastronomy techniques towards cooking methods and the search for the perfect flavours and textures in food.

Heston Blumenthal TV Career and Restaurants
Heston has enjoyed a extensive tv career over the past few years with several spin-off’s of his Channel 4 “Feasts”. Heston is also an accomplished restaurateur with his multi-award winning “Fat Duck” restaurant which has been voted the best restaurant in the world twice. Heston plans to open a restaurant in London in 2011 called “Dinner by Heston Blumenthal”

Recommended Heston Blumenthal Books

the big fat duck cook book

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The Big Fat Duck Cookbook

Now……the first thing to say is yes, it is £87, BUT you are getting a piece of history for that price. This book, written by Heston Blumenthal is the first book that details the inside secrets of the recipes behind a 3 michelin star restaurant and the 3 times voted “Best Restaurant in the World” – THe Fat Duck in Bray

Another way of looking at it is that this book is 3 books in one. It is a autobiography of the author, Heston Blumenthal, it is a recipe book of his award winning restaurants and in explains all of the methodology and science behind the process of making the worlds best food.


Heston TV Shows

Kitchen Chemistry – 2005
Heston Blumenthal: In search of perfection – BBC
Heston’s Feasts, showing Victorian, Medieval, Tudor, Christmas cuisine – 2009

Heston Blumenthal the man:

Born in London in 1966, Heston is a self-taught chef with limited experience under Raymond Blanc and Marco Pierre White. Awarded an OBE in 2006, Heston lives in Berkshire with his partner and children.

heston blumenthal cook books

Heston Blumenthal Cook books

Blumenthal has had four books published:

  • Family Food: A new approach to cooking in 2004
  • Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection in 2006
  • Heston Blumenthal: Further Adventures In Search of Perfection in 2007
  • The Big Fat Duck Cook Book in 2008

Heston also attempted to revamp Little Chef restaurants which has over 190 outlets across the UK.

Heston Blumenthal Cooking methods:

  • Vacuum jar’s used to increase the expansion of air in souffle’s and deserts
    Amplification of sounds, smells and textures to create a more holistic eating experience.
    Low temperature, extremlely slow cooking to preserve the flavours of meats, especially the fats
    Vacuum packed foods cooked in a temperature controlled water bath.
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