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Anjum Anand has certainly brought quick and simple Indian cooking to the masses. Described as the Indian Nigella Lawson, Anjum brings her own sexy flair to the kitchen and comprehensively breaks down complicated Indian spices and flavour combinations into delicious and healthy indian meals.

Anjum is more than just a fantastic Indian cook, she is also a business graduate who speaks several european languages. Anjum Anand has a personal history of weight gain which has led to her inspirational healthy eating recipe books which helped her get through difficult times.

Anjum has been a regular guest on several tv shows including UKTV Food and BBC Two series Indian Food Made Easy. Anjum’s accent and flirtatious manner have led to her being dubbed “the Nigella Lawson of Indian cuisine in Britain”. However Anjum reacted to descriptions of herself as “television’s tastiest chef” as “preposterous”.

Top Picks – Anjum Anand’s Cook Books

1. Anjum Anand – I Love Curry

Anjum Anand is hot property in the world of modern indian cooking. She has brought a sexy image to the world of tv chefs. Anjum Anand brings style and simplicity to Indian cuisine. Her simple and clear approach to indian cooking demonstrates to even the most novice of cooks how to combine a wide array of indian spices. Overall, this great book has 50 delicious curries and a whole heap of side dishes. The dishes in “I Love Curry” include hot and mild curries and simple one pot curries, whilst others are more complicated and authentic to classic indian home cooking.


2. Anjum Anand – Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made Easy is the book named after the popular TV series on the BBC. They put home indian cooking within reach of the masses and removed the engima surrounding the use of complicated spices to a simple and easy to follow guide.

Sometimes called the Nigella of Indian Cooking, Anjum Anand creates delicious and healthy indian recipes using fresh ingredients. This book contains all of the popular recipes shown in the tv series such as the Lamb Curry. So why is this book so successful? The simple answer is that making curries can be very complicated, however if you have a bit of knowledge and understand how the spices work together, then you open your culinary world to many new and tasty possiblities. This is exactly what “Indian Food Made Easy” does in a clear and concise cook book.


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Anjum Anand Books
* Indian Every Day: Light, Healthy Indian Food
* Indian Food Made Easy (2007)
* Anjum’s New Indian (2008)

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