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The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition

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The complete guide to sports nutrition is a great source of information for athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen, and any fitness fanatics. In this book you can learn how to feed your body with all the nutritional and energetic food sources to feed your exercise regime.

Backed by current scientific and medical research in nutrition and fitness, the author Anita Bean has made a name for herself in writing expertly written nutritional and fitness books to help athletes compete at the highest level.

If you feel you have reached your limit in terms of your fitness, perhaps there is another way to success, – your diet! Simply by eating the right foods you could significantly improve your fitness and help your performance to come on leaps and bounds.

Written by Anita Bean – one of the UK’s top sports nutritionalists, this book – “the complete guide to sports nutrition” is full of indepth information on how to maximise your endurance and stamina through exercise and nutrition, how to calculate your optimal calorie intake and how to calculate your carb and protein requirements to achieve your fitness goals.

This book also contains specific advice to help you tailor your diet based on your age, gender and overall current fitness level to help you cut fat, build muscle and improve your fitness and vitality.

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (Complete Guides)