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Ian Marber – Super Eating Book

Ian Marber (The Food Doctor) – Super Eating Book - First published in 2008 by Quadrille Publishing Limited

super eating book

From the outset before we get to reviewing the book content, we should first highlight the beautiful design and presentation of the information in this book that immediately engages the reader and sets the tone of the book.  All credit to Quadrille Publishing and Ian Marber for making such a asthetically stimulating book that is almost as much fun to look at as it is to read!

This book starts by addressing some common misconceptions about healthy eating and setting out the right attitude that is essential for any healthy eating lifestyle. Healthy Eating is not about one-step approaches and get slim quick schemes instead Ian Marber sums up the whole ethos of healthy eating by saying

“In simple terms, the next big thing in nutrition is going to be an increased awareness of the complicated interaction between nutrients. When we fully understand this relationship – sometimes synergistic as one nutrient will activate or enhance others, sometimes antagonistic as nutrients fight for absorbtion – then we can truly derive benefit from nutrition.” -  Chapter 1 – Beyond the One-Step Approach

This book then continues to point out some very thought provoking facts about the foods we buy and the nutritional benefits they have, as opposed to the benefits we are being sold by clever marketing departments.

In our opinion, The Food Doctor – Ian Marber is making a very logical argument that no single food is a ‘superfood’ it is the combination of foods and nutrients that help absorbtion of nutrients and vitamins and have the most positive effects on our bodies, this process coined “supereating” is the focus of this book.

Chapter 2 is all about the nutrients, whilst this is very useful information, it is quite scientific and can be quite heavy reading. We recommend this section is used for reference more than to rely on this as a basis for creating meals, we prefered to simply follow the Food Doctors meal plans rather than sit and work out our own. – Although saying that, those with special circumstances can find lots of relevant and specific information in this chapter.

ian marber book

In the following chapters, the author Ian Marber goes on to explain how to “supereat” to achieve specific goals such as to fight ageing, dealing with stress, improving your digestive system and more. Each section describes the foods you should eat to achieve your health goals and what types of foods you should combine to optimise the amount of nutrients that are absorbed from foods.

Unfortunately, this book does not contain any recipes to help prepare and cook meals, although it’s probably for the best as it would require significant reading and complicate the key message of this book.

Overall, this book is a fantastic source of knowledge on the specific benefits of foods, and their relationships together in the way they act when digested. If you have a specifc health goal, such as improving the healthiness of your heart, digestive system, immume system or other this is a very useful book to help you target your specific requirements. If you are looking for a user-friendly, cookbook, perhaps this is not the one for you. Despite this, we recommend that every health consious person reads this book and understands the relationship between foods. Perhaps one of the best uses for this book will be to help us improve everyday meals by adding a few extra ingredients that complement the dish and removing a few ingredients that hinder nutritional absorbtion.

In a nutshell – Buy it, it’s scientific, it’s logical, it’s useful and it has the potential to help improve our health with clever and complementary changes to our everyday meals.