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Nutrition Books

Nutrition Books – There are many excellent books that will help you understand about nutrition, including teaching you which healthier foods to eat.

Generally nutritional books each focus on particular elements, e.g.

  1. Diet and which foods you should eat
  2. Helping you to devise your own vitamin supplement strategy based on your individual health concerns

There are various views as to what they key to maintaining a healthy weight is, such as:

- Eating enough fibre.
- Pointing out which foods will reduce inflammation and which make inflammation worse.

Recommended Nutritional Books

the holdford nutrition bible The Optimum Nutrition Bible

Patrick Holford presents a complete one-stop information source for nutritional information. If you are going to buy one book about nutrition then this is the one to buy. It contains nutritional information demonstrating how to care for you body and mind.

This book explains what to eat to give yourself the perfect nutritonal diet, including tips on how to boost your immune system and how to increase your energy levels and fitness abiity. There are also nutritional tips on foods you can eat that have proven anti-cancer effects and how to prevent heart disease.

The Holford Nutrition Bible is the bestselling book in the field of nutrition, buy it today from


Nutrition Books

Finding a book which is easy to follow or stick to can be difficult, so some features which may help are:

- Photos of meals, that show exactly what size portions we should be eating.
- Check-lists.
- Food diary pages, that you copy and use as an aid in achieving a healthy diet.

Some books take a different approach, which could confuse things or just widen your knowledge! i.e.
- Questions such as why we eat, why we think we are hungry and the impact that marketing has on our choices.
- The food industry, the incredible adaptability of the human body, along with the background into the role government and lobby groups play in deciding what ends up in our trollies.
- The psychology of overeating, as in the similarities between drug addiction and addiction to high fat, sugar and salty foods. A compelling argument is that many people are actually struggling with an addiction rather than a nutrition or lack of exercise problem.

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