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Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made EasyIndian Food Made Easy – Only £10.49 from – First Published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd (3 Aug 2007)

Anjum Anand’s a clear and straightforward indian chef who has revolutionised the world of Indian Cooking. No longer will you be lost in a worktop full of spices and oils and creams. Indian Food Made easy contains many of the healthy eating recipes from the 1st serious of the TV show by the same name.

The presentation of these recipies is free of gimmicks and free of personal stories that are usually in celebrity chefs books to extend their careers. The instructions are concise and illustrated only with lovely pictures of the food.

The best part of this book is that Anjum Anand has found great low-fat alternatives to make these recipies as healthy as possible. Despite an emphasis on Indian Food Made Easy, the over-riding factor of this book is the focus on taste and sheer pleasure of eating.

This book is a must have for any aspiring cook who wants to produce fantastic, healthy indian food!

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