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Indian Cook Books – There are several Indian Chefs in vogue at the moment, these are the lovely Anjum Anand, the renowned Madhur Jaffrey, the ultra modern Atul Kochhar. We Like them so much we’ve decided to pick out our best from all these famous Indian Chefs.

The first thing to mention about authentic Indian cooking is that it is generally nothing like the Korma’s and Tikka Masalas you get in your local Indian Restaurant. Over the years much Indian cuisine has became “Englishized” to suit British taste buds. The main differences are in the unhealthyness, the amount of oil used and the level of spice and heat in the curries.

Authentic Indian Cuisine is characterised by the use of indian spices and herbs including turmeric, corriander, chilli, cumin, garam masala to name just a few. Indian cuisine is also well known for it’s vegetarian roots, due to the religious connections to animals through Hindu religious beliefs.

Indian Cook Books

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indian cook books
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