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High Protein Cook Books

The method of High Protein recipes generally means low-carb but certainly not always no-carb and aims to enable you to:

  1. Control your appetite
  2. Eliminate cravings
  3. Eat delicious foods
  4. Help protect against heart disease and diabetes.

A High Protein Diet is often recommended for body builders in order to help build muscle and lose fat. It must not be confused with low-carbohydrate diets, because they are not usually calorie-controlled and so often contain large amounts of fat.

Typically, 30%–60% of calories are from protein in a High Protein diet, 15%–30% is from fat, with the remainder being carbohydrates. They tend to rely heavily on seafood and lean meat, this makes them difficult or near impossible for vegetarians.

Positives of High Protein Cookbooks:

  • It’s essential for building muscle.
  • Unlike carbohydrates, protein provides long-lasting energy without an insulin surge (which promotes fat storage).
  • It tends to suppress the appetite.
  • A reasonable amount of energy is required to digest, thus boosting the body’s metabolism.
  • Lean protein-rich foods are much less calorie-dense than carbohydrate-rich foods.

High Protein Cook Books

When considering a “diet”, you should always of course explore the negatives. In this situation:
- The high amount of protein actually draws water and therefore excess weight from the body, it does not change the fat content of the body.
- While the increased protein acts like an appetite suppressant, causing dieters to reduce their calorie intake, so lose weight, there is a concern about the body not receiving all of the necessary variety of foods needed thus lacking many nutrients.

A good book will warn you about the dangers and advise if you do not fit within the criteria of someone who should follow it. However, if it is aimed at you, then great, take advantage!