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Jamie Oliver Healthy Cookbooks

jamie oliver healthy cookbookJamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life

Jamie Oliver has had quite a journey from the naked chef to become one of the country’s most loved chefs and a leader of a great health movement to get better quality produce, especially Chicken and meat from Pigs.

This book is all about simply cooking with great ingredients to produce delicious, healthy meals. Inspired by his very own vegetable patch, this book is packed full of recipes bulgding with nutritious vegetables and rich meats. On top of these great recipes is some top tips for planting your very own veg and getting down and dirty in the garden.

Jamie Oliver Healthy Cookbooks include titles such as Jamie at Home, Jamies 30 minute meals, jamies america, jamies ministry of food. Jamie’s unique style of entertaining and personable cooking is what makes him such a delight to watch on television. Deservably, he is one of the UK’s favourite tv chefs and one of the bestselling author of cook books in the UK and US.

Jamie is also known as a pioneer in the food industry for his campaigns in school dinners and changing the way we view food in the UK. In Jamie’s school dinners campaign he revolutionised the school meal menu’s, removing all the high fat, cheap processed foods and replacing them with fresh produce used to make simple yet tasty meals. This was an overwhelming success in both the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Jamie’s Recommended cook books

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A world class book from a world class chef and author of nine best selling healthy cookbooks

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