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Simple Steps to Eating Healthier

Spring into Four Simple Steps to Eating Healthier

We can all attest to the sudden pickup in your already hectic life style when the weather starts to get warmer. You go from picking up the kids from practice, dropping them off at friends, stopping at the dry cleaners, all the while keeping the house clean and food on the table. Sound familiar? Don’t use this as an excuse to put your cookware away and settle for the local fast food drive thru. This Spring and Summer keep your family and yourself eating healthy despite all the chaos with these 4 simple steps:

1.) Plan your meals the week before. Make it a habit that on Saturday or Sunday you plan meals for the week and you go to the grocery store so you will have everything you need. If you are very motivated and have the time, then prepare a few meals on the weekend and freeze them. When planning be sure that you are incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables and say no to processed foods and say yes to healthy eating games.

2.)  Have healthy snacks on hand. Keep granola bars, nuts, and fresh fruits at your desk, in your car or on you at all times. This will prevent you from stopping to buy something processed when that moment finally hits you and you realize that you are starving! You might still be running around, but having these snacks handy will save you time and keep you on a healthy track.

3.)  Avoid unnecessary fats and oils. This can be done by using non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware will not only prevent you from adding oils to avoid sticking but it will also save you time on the clean up end of things! If this isn’t possible opt for a low calorie spray, there are some great “one calorie per spray” cooking sprays out there that will not disappoint. Steaming and Grilling are other great healthy cooking methods. With the warmer weather start thinking about pulling out your barbeque. Don’t forget about your steamer either. A great way to cook your vegetables without adding in cooking oils and also cooks in no time at all! Steaming is a great way to retain as many nutrients as possible, be careful not to over steam! Use the barbeque over any frying or sautéing you would normally do. Grilling your meats is always going to be the healthier option.

4.)  Substitute to cut down on sodium and high fat products. Use whole grain flour instead of all purpose flour are the best healthy eating tips. Cut the salt in your recipes in half or substitute some appropriate spices instead of salt. Use two egg whites instead of one egg! Opt for low fat cheeses, yogurts, and milk instead of full fat products. Those are just a few to get you started. Anytime you can opt for whole grain, whole wheat, low fat, low sodium, do it!

5 steps to a healthy lifestyle

Learn how to eat healthy, there are many simple things you can do on a daily basis that will benefit you in the long run! Dinning out? Here’s a bonus tip, opt for the veggie of the day instead of chips. Choose a meal that is tomato based instead of cream based. Order a side salad as a starter instead of any fried options.

Plan ahead, substitute smartly, and eat plenty of fruits and veggies! You will be flying through Spring and Summer looking, feeling and eating healthier in no time!



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