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How to Eat Healthy

How to Eat Healthy – So how exactly does one eat healthy? Well, you may not like it but their isn’t one answer for this. Some would have you believe that a high protein diet and low-carbs is the way to keep your body in tip top condition, others would say that plenty of vegetables and lean meats are the way to eat healthy. The fact is their isn’t one diet that will suit everyone and everyone’s body is different to some degree.

For example, eating healthy is all about giving your body what it needs to be functional, active and healthy. If you are an athlete you may need to eat a lot of complex carbohydrates such as Pasta, rice, bread and Wheats, as these are good fuels for exercise. However if the average person was to eat large quantities of these foods and not exercise then they will simply turn from carbs in to fat stores.

Healthy food eating also depends on your body mass, age, climate and metabolism. If you are on the larger side with many fats then eating low-fat foods is clearly a obvious choice to keep manage your weight, however if you are a stick insect then a healthy amounts of good fats (so not hydrogenated and saturated fats) is likely to benefit you.

how to eat healthy

Depsite individual differences there are still some simple and general guidelines to follow to keep healthy. These are widely accepted as being methods to Healthy food eating.

How to eat healthy

  1. Reduce the levels of bad fats in your diet. Not all fats are bad for you! Essential fatty acids are infact incredibly good for you and maintain many of the body’s essential chemical and biological processes. Avoid any foods that are high in saturated and hygrogenated fats (which are even worse than saturated fats, as your body cannot process these at all, so all they do is clog up arteries!)
  2. Eat a varied and balanced diet. Eat the rainbow of vegetables, literally! The different colours of vegetable are good indicators of their nutiritional content, so eat yellow fruit and veg. Remember to steam, roast or bake vegetables to get the most out of their nutrients – frying veg in lot’s of oil doesn’t really make a healthy meal.
  3. >Eat a variety of proteins, this doesn’t just mean meat, you can get an excellent source of protein from beans, soya foods such as quorn, nuts, pulses, dairy such as eggs and cheese and fish.
  4. No matter what you eat, if you sit on your bum all day you will not be healthy! Exercise is just as important as eating healthy, so try to be as active as possible, this doesnt have to mean going to the gym or running everywhere, simply try walking more often or doing a few flights of stairs at work – it all adds up!

How to eat healthy is such as massive topic to cover, we cannot do it justice in this article, so please keep an eye out for more posts on this subject.

Remember Healthy food eating and Exercise are the cornerstones of health!

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The below image shows the proportion of fruit, veg, meats, protein, carbs and fats you should have in your diet for it to be classed as “healthy”.

A pie chart showing how to eat healthy