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We live in an age when every aspect of our lives has been sped up, and we all seem to have less time to do anything. Time to sit around a table for a shared meal seems impossible and regular mealtimes seem like distant memories. “Healthy Cooking for Busy People” is a cookbook that helps you to eat well even if your time is limited. It contains recipes that can be enjoyed by anyone from children and teenagers to busy adults. A meal prepared in a few minutes can be just as tasty and nutritious as one that takes a couple of hours in the kitchen, and a meal prepared from this book at home will taste far better than a takeaway meal or cooking frozen food in the microwave! Ranging from quick after-work meals to gourmet dishes, “Healthy Cooking for Busy People” is essential for anyone interested in nutritious, simple and delicious meals and essential for healthy eating step by step.

healthy cookbook

Healthy Cooking for Busy People: The Complete Book of Fast Meals

About the Author

Stylist and chef, Myles Beaufort is also the author of Simple Fast Cooking. Having lived in Japan for two years Myles has learned many healthy eating tips and Myles understands how food prepared quickly from fresh ingredients and pantry items on hand can make the most delicious and nutritious meals.



healthy cooking for two

Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You): Low-Fat Recipes with Half the Fuss and Double the Taste

Healthy Cooking Book Review

I have purchased quite a few cookbooks recently, but this is the one I always come back to. The recipes never fail and always come out tasting wonderful. I love how the nutritional value is listed at the end of each recipe. Ms. Price also provides menu ideas and serving suggestions for most recipes. There are also pages dedicated to enriching your cooking know-how. I particularly like the full page spreads on such topics as home made pizza crust and how to make an easy broth. The recipes also do not have an exhaustive list of ingredients, nor are the exotic items you might not already have. I would highly suggest this book for anyone healthy cooking for just one, or two, or even more, the recipes can easily be doubled!

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Healthy Homestyle Cooking: 200 of Your Favorite Family Recipes–With a Fraction of the Fat

Healthy Cooking

This cookbook is my favorite. As a Dietitian I have used this book in my Healthy Cooking Classes to demonstrate how easily Ms. Tribole’s low fat suggestions can be implemented. The recipes have always received rave reviews with the participants returning the following week with their own Healthy Cooking Cookbook. I am purchasing another copy for myself today as mine is falling apart from being used so much at my home and the homes of many friends and family members. I consider this book an essential in every kitchen.

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