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Healthy Eating Advice

Healthy Eating Advice for Children and Adults.
The following advice applies to most individuals, if you have any specific health issues then please speak to your GP before acting upon any of this advice. This is very general healthy eating advice and should be taken as a guide only.

healthy eating advice

The all important food balance

Healthy eating tip 1. Balance your calorie intake with your daily activity. It is very important to match your food intake with how active you are. If you are more active, then you will burn more calories. Losing weight is simple, if you burn off more fat and calories than you put into your body then you WILL lose weight, its simple physics, your body can’t make fat out of thin air.

As a guide most adult men can consume around 2,500 calories and day and women can consume 2,000 (assuming you have are normally active)

2. Eat a wide range of foods to make sure your body is getting all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs to survive. Eating all the colours of a rainbow is a good start as different colours of natural foods usually indicates different levels of vitamins and foodstuffs.

Healthy Eating Advice

3. Most of your meals should be based around healthy cooking with complex carbohydrates and starch rich foods – This is what your body most needs to survive. These foods include potatoes, pasta, rice and cereals.

4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit and learn how to eat healthy – Remember the “5 a day” phrase that was ingrained into all children of the 90′s and naughties. Fruit and Vegetables are very very healthy and contain lots of natural sugars and vitamins.

5. Another piece of healthy eating advice is to each oily fish, such as Salmon and Mackerel, to ensure you are recieving all of the Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as Omega 3 which are essential for cell function and repair.

6. Eat less salty foods and exercise more! These are probably two of the most obvious, but most important pieces of healthy eating advice as they will help to massively reduce your risk of developing several obesity related diseases and make you generally much more healthy! Remember the moto “Fit Boduy – Fit Mind!” – It’s true!

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