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The Harcombe Diet Book

The Harcombe Diet – Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: Diet Book

harcombe diet book

There are many diet books on the market that claim to be able to make you lose weight. The fact of the matter is the only true way to lose weight is to understand how the food you eat affecfs your body. This involves having a deep understanding of how your digestive system works and how your body absorbs and uses all the foods we eat. Now I’m not suggesting you should go back to university to study biology, instead you simply need to understand what your body needs and what it doesnt need and make sure you include the foods you need to thrive as the main substances of your diet.

So basically what you need to do is stop counting calories and start losing weight. Here is where the book comes into a league of its own. The author Zoe Harcombe gives expert diet advice on the subject of nutrition and how to deal with eating disorders.

Learn how to eat with your body and discover the signs you should look for to identify how healthy you are and what you body needs!

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More information about the Harcombe Diet Cook Book

The Harcombe Diet book is based on 20 years of research by ZoĆ« Harcombe and her peers. Why is this diet book so successful? Easy, it’s seperated into three key phases!

1 – The Cure

The first phase of this diet is to cure your attitudes and lifestyle habits to allow you to enjoy and comit to the diet

2 – THe Rules

The second phase in this diet book teaches you how to lose weight naturally and sustainably, remember it’s pointless losing 10 lb if you then put on 15lb celebrating your sucess!

3 – Learn to enjoy food, even the treats

This is the most important phase, as it teaches you how to be healthy yet eat anything you want!

The Harcombe Diet Book  - Stop Counting Calories

Zoe Harcombe

Zoe Harcombe studied in Floria in the 1980′s and set out on a quest against the Obesity Epdemic. Graduating from Cambridge University. Zoe is now a qualified Nutritionist with a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition and clinical weight management but overall she is a Obesity researcher.