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The Clean and Lean Diet book

The Clean and Lean Diet – by James Duigan and Maria Lally

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Clean and Lean Diet Books

Loved by celebrities such as Elle Macpherson and Hugh Grant, the Clean and Lean Diet book is a very popular diet book that is bang on trend at the moment. James Duigan is Elle Macpherson’s personal trainer and is her big secret to looking fit and sexy. Simple, effective, healthy food is what this book is all about, nothing complicated that requires you to have a A Level in Advanced maths to count all those calories. This book shows first how to get clean with a 14 day detox plan, then how to lean your body with controlled foods and exercise. With quick and easy recipes throughout, this healthy eating book is ideal for those who are willing to be a little more active in attempting to lose weight in a sustainable and low-maintenance way.

Beautifully illustrated throughout with high quality photo’s, this cookbook is the perfect weightloss guide.

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The Clean and Lean Diet book is a one stop resource for anyone in search of a sustainable diet. It contains useful health and nutrition information on how to lose weight in a steady and controlled manner without harming your body. It is important to remember that being overweight is bad for your health and may increase your chances of developing various obesity related diseases, however if you lose weight too quickly that is also concerning and may be damaging your body, make sure you are clean and tidy in your life as this will reflect on your diet.

It is important to remember that every diet will only be successful if accompanied by lifestyle changes. You should always ensure you have a positive food experience and make sure your relationship with food is a positive relationship. In addition to understanding and cooking healthier food with a carefully controlled diet, you should also look into developing a exercise routine to make sure you are lean, medical advisors tell us that we should aim for 30 minutes of active exercise per day, depending on your age, weight and overall health.

The Clean and Lean Diet book is a recommended resource to improve your lifestyle, not just your diet.

The Clean and Lean Diet Book