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Slim to Win: Diet and Cookbook

Slim to Win: Diet and Cookbook

rosemary conley - slim to win

This excellent combined cookbook and diet book is ideal for those who love to cook and want to lose weight at the same time. This is not a uber modern diet

book with new age gimmicks, this is good old fashioned common sense book full of sound and time tested advice. This book, inspired from the ITV TV show “Slim to Win” with the domestic godess Rosemary Conley. The cook, diet and fitness Guru, Rosemary shows how to drop those extra pounds efficiently, yet safely. With short two week diets called “Fat attack diets” and long-term solutions to a healthy eating lifestyle. This book Slim to Win: Diet and Cookbook has something for every healthy eater.

From Pasta and Paelle to Puddings and Deserts the low fat and healthy way. Browse Rosmary Conley’s extensive range of excellent, healthy and tasty recipes today.

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