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Flat Belly Diet Book

Flat Belly Diet: How to Get the Flat Stomach You’ve Always Wanted

flat belly diet book

Stomach fat or belly fat is one of the most stubborn forms of body fat to get rid of for middleaged men and women. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous form of body fat that contributes to a higher risk of diabetes, heart problems more than any other types of fat around the body.

Flat Belly Diet Book

The good news is that science has found an answer against belly fat and these are ‘monounsaturated fatty acids’. These are most certainly GOOD FATS and can increase the rate of weight loss and help to burn and breakdown fats, especially fats around the stomach. This book leads you through a comprehensive eating plan, with a special 4 day anti bloat kickoff, followed by a detailed 3 week eating plan.

Eating plans, the science behind it, mental coping strategies and recipes. This book has everything you need to get rid of that belly fat for good!