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Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook

Cook YourselfThin Quick and Easy: Shift the Bulge and Still Indulge with Over 100 New Recipes

Want a tasty and enjoyable way to lose weight and eat healthily? Well, this is the healthy cooking book for you –!.

This book contains over 120 brand new healthy eating recipes with expert tips and real life success stories from eating these meals. There is also a whole chapter of this healthy cookbook that is dedicated to the nations favourite meat – Chicken, and some top family favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Chili con Carne and much more!

This book is a collaborative effort, with hand-picked recipies of the worlds most healthiest and tastiest recipies from

Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook

Cook Yourself Thin









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Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook
Cook Yourself Thin Cookbook

Cook Yourself Thin“: The Delicious Way to Drop a Dress Size (Paperback)

Can you lose weight and still indulge? This cook yourself thin cookbook shows how you can eat satisfying and tasty meals and still take care of your figure.

Enjoy food, with just a fraction of the calorie cost!

In this book is all the classic recipes for meals such as Fish and Chips, Roast Chicken Dinner, Tomato Soup and Steak and Kidney Pie, but with a BIG or should I say Little difference, all these meals have been carefully prepared with nutrition, slimming and health in mind.

Try the low fat carbonara, or the low fat tikka massala and find the pure joy of eating a delcious meal that is also very healthy!

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