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Chinese Food Made Easy

Ching’s Chinese Food in MinutesChinese Food Made Easy

chinese food made easyChing’s Chinese Food in Minutes

We’ve had indian food made easy so why not bring out a book about the nations second favourite takeaway cusine – chinese. Learn to cook chinese food easily and quickly with TV chef ching-he huang. Cook chinese food easily and understand how to cook chinese cuisine with these well presented recipes.

This is chinese food presented in clear and easy to understand recipe book. Ching he huang uses simple ingredients, combined expertly to create wonderful, tasty and healthy dishes. Forget about the MSG and other wierd oils found in takeaway chinese, this is a whole new world of healthy chinese food.

Make a whole range of chinese inspired meals in less than 30 minutes, including sweet and sour pork, stir-frys, prawn dishes, spicy chicken dishes and more!

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