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Chinese Cook Books

Chinese Cook Books – Chinese and Asian cooking is one of the most popular cuisines at home and eating out in the UK. Chinese cooking as developed through the abundance of available resources and the development of cooking techniques. Many of the chinese cooking styles use a large amount of garlic and spices, especially chilli, especially with seafood, shellfish and game meats.

Chinese foods consist of several staples, including rice, noodles, soybeans, herbs and vegetables. In addition to these staple foods, chinese cuisine is usually accompanyied with Green Tea or strong liquor such as Yellow wine.

One of the most popular chinese cooks at the moment is Ching-He Huang – Here is our favourite of Ching’s books.

Chinese Cook Books

Chinese Food Made Easy Book
– By Ching-He Huang
Chinese Food in Minutes Book
– By Ching-He Huang
chinese cook books

chinese food cook book


Ching’s Fast Food: 110 Quick and Healthy Chinese Favourites

Complete Chinese Cookbook – By Ken Hom

Yan Kit’s Classic Chinese Cookbook

Chinese Cooking Resources