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Gordon Ramsay Healthy Appetite

Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite - First published in 2008 by Quadrille Publishing

gordon ramsay healthy appetite

Gordon Ramsay Healthy Appetite is the exciting new healthy eating book from the super-fit three-star chef, marathon runner and high-energy television presenter.

This cookbook features over 125 healthy eating recipes, made using fresh, nutritious ingredients carefully designed to be packed full of tase and flavour. In this book, chef Gordon Ramsay has prepared a selection of healthy eating recipes for Breakfast, Brunches, working lunches, kids meals, barbecues, suppers, desserts and entertaining.

This book also introduces and demonstrates a range of healthy eating methods designed to optimise flavour and get to most out of the ingredients. It’s also probably worth mentioning that this is not a diet book, but does’nt really matter in the grand scale of things, as healthy eating is more of a lifestyle than a short term diet or fad.

Tasty Healthy Food – From a Top Class Celebrity Chef, what more can a healthy eating lover want!

Gordon Ramsay Healthy Appetite is all about simple, healthy food with great advice and straightforward recipes. On top of this, there are the highly enticing photographs so you can see what you meal should look like! It’s a good thing this book has a laminated finish, as you are definately going to be drueling all over these recipes.

Most of the recipes are based on fresh ingredients, so if you are a bit of a tinned meat and veg person, perhaps this book is not for you. However, if you love your fresh veg and fresh meat, then their are plenty of recipes in this book to cater for your healthy needs.

gordon ramsay cookbook

This is the 10th Cookbook from Gordon Ramsay, and probably his most healthy cooking book to date. Gordon’s unique style and flare for cooking bursts through in this cookbook.

As a seasoned marathon runer and a campaign for healthy and sustainable living, Gordon Ramsay’s latest cookbook is a definate winner.

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